- Testimonials -

I used to use Freepour and switched to BeerSAVER, I have been using the system for about 6 months and I really like the system and it already has saved me money and even caught a bartender giving away drinks. I would highly recommend BeerSAVER to any Full Service Restaurant and Bar as a company to trust your money in.

— Randy Yamamoto, Franchise Owner, Buffalo Wild Wings

I am the owner of 2 bars in the Inland Empire of California with a total of 24 Drafts. I first got one bar equipped and on the 3rd day, confirmed by video, I fired a bartender for giving her boyfriend free beer! After advising staff of this incident and USBeerSaver, I went from a $500 a week loss to maybe $50 or $23,400 a year! No matter what you do, there will be some foam and there will be some mistakes made but this savings is awesome.

I then equipped my 2nd location in June of 2017. I immediately identified a bad foaming issue that staff neglected to tell me about. I then went from a weekly -34.95% loss to +0.64%. A savings of about $1,100 per week, $57,200 per year, selling the same amount of beer.

This system lets you see everything, including cooler temperatures, so the owner, manager and bartender can see in real time what is going on. Trust me, even if your best bartender might not steal, they will forget to ring them in or your system foams more then you think or are willing to admit. This system lets you figure it all out!

If you ever have any problems or issues, the company will respond within hours if not minutes. Tonight for example I had an issue and emailed USBeerSaver. The issue was corrected and a return email within 5 minutes. This was at 9 PM!

I welcome any bar owner to visit my locations and I will personally walk them thru for a detailed look. Combined bars I sell about 19 kegs per week.

— Peter A. Wright, Owner and Operator, Deane's Bar & Thrill and Top Dog Tavern!

I would like to state how satisfied I am with customer service at USbeersavers. Thus far, all issues have been resolved quickly, so my trust in you is very high. My impression is that you do care about my business and that you understand how important correct information is for us. The variance reports are crucial to our operations. It helps me to identify weak staffing areas (bartenders that over pour, hand out free beer, etc). This tool is helpful because it weeds out the weakest links and protects our honest bartenders.

— Lee Schaible - Chief Financial Officer, Buffalo Wings & Rings Fort Walton FL

The alerts and variance reports have been effective in determining where the losses are coming from for draft beers. The customer service I have received has been above and beyond, prompt, patient and helpful

— Luis Mendez – Bar Manager, Quaker Steak and Lube Valley View OH

BeerSAVER is a great tool to audit draft beer pours against sales in real time. BeerSaver helps us to identify slippage and confront dishonest employees. It essentially takes the guesswork out of holding your staff accountable on their draft pours. The reports that it generates are easy to understand and navigate. The customer service is top notch and make addressing any issues or questions as easy as possible.

— Mark Shawnee - Manager, Woody's Corner Bar

We have been able to pin point most of our losses and track to see if there are any times/ employees that are forgetting to ring in beer. It is very beneficial. Especially when I get an email pointing out any discrepancies as I am not able to go on and check all the time.

— Mandy Beech, Office assistant, Martini’s Restaurant Vancouver

The BeerSAVER System has been great for us! The system has helped us to lower our beer cost at our two locations to the lowest cost we have ever had. The entire process from the day we signed up could not have been smoother. They made the installation and training so easy, and they are extremely responsive if we ever have a question or need help.

— Drew Walston, Director of Operations, Pub Dog Pizza & Drafthouse

I feel that they are always very quick to notify me of anything out of the ordinary and provide excellent detail without over complicating things. I feel that since they have updated our draft line listings, it has been much easier to track and thus saves us money. The cooler alerts that I have been getting are extremely helpful as well.

— Travis Thomas, Manager, Ceili's 4th Ave AB

BeerSAVER has been wonderful for us. Utilizing the variance timeline, I’m able to audit sales vs pours, then review video of any discrepancies to identify when the unaccounted pour took place. I send a report to my staff members regularly on their variances so they are aware they are being watched, and watched closely. This keeps my staff accountable to prevent them from giving away free product, and helping to minimize excessive pours. The customer service has been fantastic. When I email for support, I get a response timely. Often I receive follow up emails to make sure all is well, sometimes in advance when things look off. It’s much appreciated.

— Keith Smith - Operations Manager Skatetown Ice Arena

BeerSAVER has been absolutely amazing. BeerSAVER has been a fantastic tool in helping Mikes BBQ monitor beer theft/pours. We appreciate them very much.

— Sylina Maestas - Bar Manager, Mike's BBQ Escondido

BeersAVER has been a great tool for us. It keeps our people accountable and helps us figure out where we may need more coverage and supervision.

The customer service is top notch! You make us feel like we’re your #1 account. We definitely appreciate all the attention to detail with our business. Daily and after hour reports are great references when I’m not able to be on the premises.

Having them has shed light on areas where our staff is struggling.

Going forward we will be tracking unaccounted pours during shifts changes, daily, weekly, and monthly. Hopefully, this type of monitoring willing keep people honest and reliable.

— Karen Troy - Taproom Manager, Black Raven Brewing Company

I’ve been in this business for 28 years, half of which as a manager, and this is the first time that I’ve worked in a restaurant that has beer on tap. As you can imagine, to have a support system has been a great help. It helps me control and determine losses from the draft. It makes my inventory so much easier. On top of that, for the staff, knowing that there’s a system that monitors every pour makes them be more careful.

The system is really well-designed, but the human side is what’s really important for me, and the customer service has been very patient, knowledgeable, and professional. Every time I have a question, they answer right away.

— Jose Giovio - General Manager, Catch Hospitality - Tavolo Restaurant ON

We love our system. You have definately saved us from being stolen from. I track my beers daily!!

— Michelle Ebert - Manager, Dog House Bar & Grill Seattle


The BeerSAVER alerts are effective for seeing where losses are happening and to determine if the system, staff error, changes not made for line IDing with POS, line cleanings, and/or off pours are happening. Our challenges and needs are always dealt with quickly and effectively, with an explanation as to what happened.

— Michelle Flemming – Director of Food & Beverage, Lion’s Head Pub AB

I didn’t consider other systems because BeerSAVER had everything and then some when we first found them. They have been incredible partners from the beginning (I have done 5 installs with them- 2 remodels) and Kevin and his team are true professionals. They are an incredibly proactive group who catered to my needs (at times which were big in my world and quite possibly small in theirs- they were in the middle of installing Buffalo Wild Wings nation wide- but they made me feel like a priority and worked with my timeline and prioritized my job). They are a great group and I have every intention of moving forward with them in the future expansion of our brand. Furthermore, the BeerSAVER system has been incredibly helpful in holding our staff accountable and reducing our beer cost.

— Kevin Sheehan, Director of Development, Phil’s BBQ, Inc.

The most user friendly software I have seen to date. I love it! With the rising costs in the food and beverage industry, there are very few options for increasing profitability. With the accuracy and real-time inventory information that BeerSAVER provides, I’m excited about this opportunity that will help us maximize our profitability.

— Joe Sciortino, Regional Manager, Wild Wing Cafe

We were recently audited by the State of Texas Comptroller for our mixed beverage gross receipts tax and the auditor was most pleased with the data provided by your system that is installed in Tailgators Pub & Grill. The auditor accepted the pour and sales data captured by your system as sufficient documentation for our draft variances during the audit period.

This is one more way your system has helped pay for itself and we are now interested in installing it in two more of our locations.

— Jim Hallers, Founder & Managing Partner, Tailgators Pub & Grill

I have been happily using BeerSAVER for two years and, as an operator, it gives me peace of mind to know my draft beer system is being accurately tracked. We have been in business for over thirty-five years, and we have seen many industry gimmicks; but, BeerSAVER works seamlessly with our POS system, and is incredibly easy to monitor the draft beers dispensed. Their service is first class, and any bar I open in the future will use BeerSAVER Systems’ monitoring.

— Jason Johnson, Operator, Gullifty's Restaurant


I wanted to show my appreciation by referring BeerSAVER to Sneakers Pub & Grill [in San Carlos, CA]. I am glad he likes your system, as I do.

Steve loves the system and is utilizing all the nice features, especially inventory control. He actually knows how many ounces are in each keg; there is a variance from the distributor on each barrel.

Thanks again, my unaccounted free giveaways went from 100 plus a month to about 25 this month.

— Fred Duncan, Manager, Carlos Club

I have been using your BeerSAVER monitoring since October of 2009. I thought when I put it in, that I may have been losing a keg or two a week due to spillage, over-pours, items not rung in, etc. To my surprise, I found that on the first Friday night it was up and working, I lost over 2,200 ounces: the equivalent of more than a keg. I immediately held a meeting with my bar staff, and my daily losses are almost zero.

I can honestly say that I have saved more than $1,200 each month since installing the system, and that it has more than paid for the investment in six months.

— Keith S. Morgan, General Manager, The Buffalo Brewpub

We’ve been using BeerSAVER Systems for 6 years and the service has been great!

— Jake Cyscon, Owner, Harry's Sports Bar and Grill IL

This system really helped us increase revenue through increased beer sales. Back-of-the-house, this system efficiently helped us manage our beer inventory. Last, but not least, their customer service is really great—every time there is a huge variance, we would receive all the details via email on a daily basis, and also a follow up call to see how to make this better. I am completely satisfied with this BeerSAVER system and would definitely recommend this to other businesses.

— Arjun Singh, Hotel Manager, Four Points by Sheraton Hotel & Suites