Joe Tap


JoeTap is the leader in on-demand Nitro Cold Brew Coffee dispensing. Whether you are looking for a ready-to-drink solution or post-mix, JoeTap can dispense still or nitro coffee from keg or bag-in-box, perfectly, consistently and deliciously with each and every pour.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is one of the hottest trends in coffee today! Owning a JoeTap dispense system will drive more customers to you and bring a new dimension to your business.

JoeTap Countertop

  •  Countertop unit offers Cold Brew Coffee in two formats: Nitro & Regular “still”
  •  Small footprint maximizes use of your space
  •  Bag-in-box (BiB) concentrate delivers large volume between changes
  •  Clip and click BiB changes take seconds
  •  All you need is power, BiB and filtered water source and you are in business

Micro Matic Certified


Micro Matic has been helping breweries, retailers and beer lovers enjoy the fresh taste of keg beer for over 50 years. Established in 1953, Micro Matic is recognized as a leading global supplier of draft beer, cocktail, water, and wine dispensing systems and solutions in over 120 countries. With a worldwide roster of distribution and service centers, Micro Matic believes in the importance of maintaining a local, regional and global presence.


Glacier Design Systems


Our vision is to provide the world with the most innovative, quality driven beverage dispense systems, equipment, and service.

Glacier Design Systems, Inc. is a leader providing innovative beverage dispense equipment, systems, and service. Our over 100 years of combined expertise and creativity enables us to design, fabricate, install and maintain every component in beverage dispense systems to your thirsty customers.

Glacier Design Systems, Inc. also stocks thousands of beverage dispense parts and innovative products throughout our multiple locations. 

Jimmy Rack Draft Services Inc.


40 years of experience in the draught beer business, from designing ampitheaters, brew pubs and special event units to a small neighborhood bar and restaurant.

"My goal is to try to make every one understand that temperature is what effects draught beer the most!"

Design and operated very efficient special event system.

Finished one of the first bag n box beer systems in US. If you are every in Evansville you must visit Tin Man Brewing Co.

Design and installation of growler filling stations.

Provides Draught Beer Equipment sales, service, installation, including design also Equipment for Dispensing soda, wine, coffee

Eagle Draft Services LTD.


Eagle Draft Services started over 30 years ago servicing pubs, bars and restaurants in the Greater Vancouver Area. Being a family business, Ed got involved from a young age, helping his father, the founder of the business, with installation and maintenance work.

Getting a great schooling in the Draft Beer and Liquor Systems business from his dad, it was a logical conclusion for Ed to get involved in the business when he left school. Not only did Ed get the opportunity to absorb a lifetime of knowledge, he also got to immerse himself in "old school" values when it comes to doing business.

When Ed's father retired, almost ten years ago, Ed began refining his skills and the type of service that he provides. A specialist in almost all types of systems, Eagle Draft Services is now a full service provider and is growing not only in stature but in reputation as well.