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Don't Pour Out Your Profits By: Andria Park (February 2018)     @barbizmag


There are numerous factors to consider when running an effective bar or dining establishment, and one of the greatest concerns is controlling expenses.

According to BeerSAVER, theft occur for the following reasons:

-Bartenders and waitstaff sell drinks without recording transactions in the point-of-sale (POS) system.

-Staff charges customers regular prices for drinks, rings those in as lower-priced specials, then pockets the difference and/or receives a bigger gratuity.

-Employees reverse and void transactions.

This leaves 25% of shrinkage to be attributed to poor bar management and to issues including the aforementioned: spills, over-pouring, incorrect accounting, or giving away free drinks.

Portion control is essential to a bar's bottom line and to maintaining correct beverage costs and overall bar profits.

Using advanced flow meter technology, the draft beer control system tracks what's poured in real time versus what's actually rung up on the customer's POS system - essentially keeping staff accountable for all inventory down to the minute.

BeerSAVER's draft beer monitoring system, the US BeerSaver Beer and Wine Control System, is web-based and can be accessed through your computer, at home, at work, and also through the BeerSAVER App.

Within the past five years, BeerSAVER introduced a spinoff to the Beer and Wine Control System with its SelfTAP system, empowering customers to pour their own beer under a guided and controlled environment.

A customer comes in, the hostess opens up the table, allows them to sit at the table and to be able to pour (depending on the state, there may be some liquor control limits)," explains Kevin Tse, COO of BeerSAVER. "Essentially (then can) pour, pour, pour, and when they're done, they ask for the bill, they close the table, and they pay for the number of ounces that were poured a the table."

"For our system, we're really selling it as a service, so we have basically all of this in real-time," says Tse. "We're also integrated with the POS system in real-time. The more they use it, the more they're finding that it just becomes a deterrent for staff to give out free drinks."

Tse has noted that bars have increased their sales with the same amount of beer anywhere from 3-5% to even 30% after using BeerSAVER products. Giving customers the ability to pour their own beer also enables faster turnaround service.