CNN Money - Self-service beer taps coming your way


by Parija Kavilanz   @CNNMoney

How much do you hate waiting for another beer in a crowded bar?

It irked Josh Goodman enough to invent a pretty obvious solution -- self-service beer taps.

Goodman, 36, recalled the exact moment in late 2008 when his frustration boiled over.

"I was hanging out with my friends at a Baltimore sports bar before an Orioles game," he said. "We just couldn't get another beer served to us quickly."

Even more than being annoyed, Goodman was struck by how much money the bar must be losing. Almost immediately, he got to work on a self-service beer concept.

Within a few months, Goodman had launched PourMyBeer in Chicago (where he'd relocated to be with his wife).

He invested $20,000 of his own funds and partnered with a U.S. manufacturer to make beer tables with two to four self-service taps.

In February 2009, Goodman landed his first client: A Baltimore tavern. He spent the next two years growing the business and adding more bars and restaurants.

In 2011, PourMyBeer introduced self-service "beer walls," which let people pour their own beer from taps on a wall.

"We've seen people waiting on line to use the self-service unit," said Scott Taylor, president and COO of Walk-On's Enterprises. The Baton Rouge, La.-based sports bar franchise has PourMyBeer's tables in four locations and plans to roll them out in three new bars.

"We're committed to this," said Taylor. "It's efficient and we're making a little more money on beer sales. Most importantly, our customers think it's neat."

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GREAT NEW - The Chop House


A newly developed concept of the Wooloomooloo GroupThe Chop House, is now open at VivoCity.

Wooloomooloo Group has served sizzling premium steaks and time-honored grill favorites since 2004. They have established two successful brands, Wooloomooloo Prime and Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, at prominent locations in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Aiming to bring a breath of fresh air to the food scene by offering an array of international dishes with a contemporary spin, The Chop House uses only high quality, fresh ingredients from all over the world. They let the ingredients reveal their natural flavors and this philosophy of quality transcends to their beverage collection which showcases a variety of artisan beers, draughts on tap, a brilliant selection of crafted cocktails, whiskey and wines. 

One of their star attractions is the self-serve bar system imported from America called BeerSaver. This system is unprecedented in Asia allowing you to get your own beer at the self-serve stations in a hassle-free process.

Consistent with the casual dining concept, The Chop House features floor-to-ceiling windows and a waterfront semi-outdoor area, offering you the tuck-away comfort of a relaxed atmosphere inside a bustling shopping centre.