- Features And Benefits -

User-friendly interface

Employees can learn to use the system quickly, without the need for extensive training.

Online access

Login from anywhere in the world, to obtain report summaries on multiple locations.

Real-time information

Make use of timely information to stay apprised of any unaccounted pours and other variances.


Inventory management

By knowing your current inventory levels on hand, you are able to manage your inventory more efficiently.

Variance reports

Identify and report unaccounted and over-pours by comparing ounces poured and ounces sold on POS.


Messages can immediately notify you of problems, even if you are not on site, so appropriate actions can be taken.


Automatic emails

Reports and alerts can be automatically emailed to you without the need to login to your BeerSAVER account.

Automatic printing

Daily reports can be printed automatically without the need to login to your BeerSAVER account.

Line cleaning reports

Reports show when line cleanings were last performed, and how well the lines were cleaned.


Time stamped transactions

Pour and sales data are time stamped.