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  • Do I lose my data if the Internet is down?
    No, your data is backed up in the BeerSAVER Control Box and will send once the Internet connection is re-established.

  • What happens if there is no power to the BeerSAVER Control Box?
    The system has backup battery power of up to 30 minutes, and will store a power outage has occurred in the error log. The system can also send an alert that the box has been unplugged or a power outage has occurred.

  • How often do I need to calibrate my lines?
    You will need to calibrate the lines any time you change the pressure on the system or change the liquid dispensed from that tap. To test if you need to calibrate pour out an amount into a graduated cylinder and compare that to the data you see on the website.

  • How does line cleaning affect my data?
    Line cleaning statistics are stored in the line cleaning usage pages. During line cleaning data will not appear till after the line cleaning.




  • What do I do if I forget my password?
    Go to the customer login page and click on the forgot password link. Then answer the security question to have your password sent to your email.

  • What do I do if I forget either my Client ID or User ID?
    Go to the customer login page and click on the forgot Client/User ID link. Then enter in your registered email address to have your Client ID and User ID sent to your email.

  • What if I do not have cookies enabled?
    How to Enable Cookies
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    Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+
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    • Click "OK".
    Mozilla Firefox
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    • Select the "Privacy" tab.
    • Change "History" setting to "Remember history".
    • Click OK to save changes.
    Google Chrome
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    • In the "Privacy" section, click on "Content Settings".
    • Set "Cookies" to "Allow local data to be set".
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  • What if the website doesn't display properly?
    We recommend that you use 1024 x 768 resolution on your display as well as using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher. Some letters may not line up properly in Firefox and we strongly recommend using Internet Explorer.

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