BeerSAVER KegSWITCHERs are used to provide an automated process which allows an empty keg to switch to a new keg every time an keg blows. A single KegSWITCHER can utilize two kegs and an additional KegSWITCHER would allow another keg to be added to the automated system. An ideal solution for lines that have a high volume of pours and when utilized with BeerSAVER FOBs, can a fluid service during peak hours.


Reduce time wasted from changing keg after keg
During days with drink specials certain beers incur a high volume of pours and thus kegs would have to be changed quite frequently. With BeerSAVER KegSWITCHERs installed, you can avoid any down-time in service from changing kegs.
Compatible with BeerSAVER FOBs
A series of KegSWITCHERs can be used in conjunction with a BeerSAVER FOB to provide additional savings from wasted beer and wasted time.
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