Wastage Problems

Most bars waste a pitcher or more of draft beer after re-tapping a keg before it is ready to serve.
Wastage comparison
Kegs / month Length of beer line (ft)
25' 50' 100' 150'
40 $40 $80 $160 $240
60 $60 $120 $240 $360
80 $80 $160 $320 $480
Beer wasted per month ($)

Based on $100 per keg

BeerSAVER FOB Solution

BeerSAVER Foam On Beer detectors (FOBs) are used to stop beer foam from entering the beer line when a keg empties and a new keg is tapped.

Reduce time to pour from a new Keg
With BeerSAVER FOBs installed. you can pour a pint of beer immediately after you re-tap the keg without the need to drain the line; beer pours without foam.

Eliminate beer spraying when a keg empties
When kegs empty, the bartender and those sitting at the bar may get sprayed by beer. BeerSAVER FOBs stop beer flow immediately when the keg empties, thereby eliminating sprayed beer.

The return on investment is almost immediate, as the system will nearly eliminate all beer wasted when re-tapping a keg.

How does the FOB work?

A FOB is placed in the cooler room, between the keg and the tap, and contains a float that seals the out valve when the keg blows. This float prevents pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the beer line after re-tapping, creating a clean flow of beer without the need to drain the line.

FOB Flowchart
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