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I used to use Freepour and switched to BeerSAVER, I have been using the system for about 6 months and I really like the system and it already has saved me money and even caught a bartender giving away drinks. I would highly recommend BeerSAVER to any Full Service Restaurant and Bar as a company to trust your money in.
— Randy Yamamoto, Franchise Owner, Buffalo Wild Wings
I didn’t consider other systems because BeerSAVER had everything and then some when we first found them. They have been incredible partners from the beginning (I have done 5 installs with them- 2 remodels) and Kevin and his team are true professionals. They are an incredibly proactive group who catered to my needs (at times which were big in my world and quite possibly small in theirs- they were in the middle of installing Buffalo Wild Wings nation wide- but they made me feel like a priority and worked with my timeline and prioritized my job). They are a great group and I have every intention of moving forward with them in the future expansion of our brand. Furthermore, the BeerSAVER system has been incredibly helpful in holding our staff accountable and reducing our beer cost.
— Kevin Sheehan, Director of Development, Phil’s BBQ, Inc.

We were recently audited by the State of Texas Comptroller for our mixed beverage gross receipts tax and the auditor was most pleased with the data provided by your system that is installed in Tailgators Pub & Grill. The auditor accepted the pour and sales data captured by your system as sufficient documentation for our draft variances during the audit period.

This is one more way your system has helped pay for itself and we are now interested in installing it in two more of our locations.
— Jim Hallers, Founder & Managing Partner, Tailgators Pub & Grill

I wanted to show my appreciation by referring BeerSAVER to Sneakers Pub & Grill [in San Carlos, CA]. I am glad he likes your system, as I do.

Steve loves the system and is utilizing all the nice features, especially inventory control. He actually knows how many ounces are in each keg; there is a variance from the distributor on each barrel.

Thanks again, my unaccounted free giveaways went from 100 plus a month to about 25 this month.
— Fred Duncan, Manager, Carlos Club
The most user friendly software I have seen to date. I love it! With the rising costs in the food and beverage industry, there are very few options for increasing profitability. With the accuracy and real-time inventory information that BeerSAVER provides, I’m excited about this opportunity that will help us maximize our profitability.
— Joe Sciortino, Regional Manager, Wild Wing Cafe

I have been happily using BeerSAVER for two years and, as an operator, it gives me peace of mind to know my draft beer system is being accurately tracked. We have been in business for over thirty-five years, and we have seen many industry gimmicks; but, BeerSAVER works seamlessly with our POS system, and is incredibly easy to monitor the draft beers dispensed. Their service is first class, and any bar I open in the future will use BeerSAVER Systems’ monitoring.
— Jason Johnson, Operator, Gullifty's Restaurant

I have been using your BeerSAVER monitoring since October of 2009. I thought when I put it in, that I may have been losing a keg or two a week due to spillage, over-pours, items not rung in, etc. To my surprise, I found that on the first Friday night it was up and working, I lost over 2,200 ounces: the equivalent of more than a keg. I immediately held a meeting with my bar staff, and my daily losses are almost zero.

I can honestly say that I have saved more than $1,200 each month since installing the system, and that it has more than paid for the investment in six months.
— Keith S. Morgan, General Manager, The Buffalo Brewpub

This system really helped us increase revenue through increased beer sales. Back-of-the-house, this system efficiently helped us manage our beer inventory. Last, but not least, their customer service is really great—every time there is a huge variance, we would receive all the details via email on a daily basis, and also a follow up call to see how to make this better. I am completely satisfied with this BeerSAVER system and would definitely recommend this to other businesses..
— Arjun Singh, Hotel Manager, Four Points by Sheraton Hotel & Suites