Selftap Beer Wall features




Fun and new experience for customers to pour own beer or sample beers. Increase sales with lower operations cost. Drive talk value and create buzz about your business.


Customers can refill at their own leisure. Service staff and bartenders can spend more time interacting with the guest, introducing some of the features of the beers.



With SelfTAP, customers can create their own beer flights from the variety of beers at your establishment.


Customers scan their SelfTAP Smart Card before pouring, so every pour of beer will be prepaid, minimizing wastage.

The Beer Wall Experience

1. Load Up Your Card

Customer will be issued a SelfTAP Smart Card upon checking their ID. They can run a tab by leaving a credit card with a staff member or they can pre-load a dollar amount. They still have built-in responsibility hurdles no matter what credit they purchase. Every 2 drinks, their service will be paused until a staff member deems them eligible to re-serve.

2. Place and pour

Once the SelfTAP Smart Card is placed on the card reader near the assigned tap, the system recognizes the card and grants access. The LCD display next to the beer tap will show the amount of beer poured and the remaining amount of funds with the SelfTAP Smart Card.


Allowing the customers to have the ability to pour their own beer enables them for faster turnaround service. That's more time spent on what matters most, enjoying the time with your friends over some beers. Service staff and bartenders have time now to do what they do best, interact with the customers and offer even greater service adding to the overall experience.