Foam on beer Detector (FOB)

BeerSAVER FOB eliminates foam after a keg changeover. Having air enter the beer line after a keg empties can waste a pitcher or more of beer after each keg change. This can cost bar operators hundreds of dollars each month.

easy to clean

Scheduled line cleaning cleans the FOB at the same time.


  • Easy Operation

  • Industrial Grade Design

  • Wall Mountable

  • Different Connectors Available

how it works

The foam on beer (FOB) detector immediately shuts off the beer flow when a keg blows. This eliminates air and foam by keeping the beer line filled with beer at all times. When a new keg is tapped the air is released by the FOB’s vent to ensure you get a full stream of beer every time without having to refill the beer line.


The BeerSAVER Kegswitcher is an automatic multi-keg solution for high volume beer lines. When the primary keg empties it will automatically switch to the backup keg for a single line.


  • Easy to Operate

  • Durable Design

  • Wall Mountable

  • No Electrical Requirements

  • Works with BeerSAVER FOBs

how it works

When the KegSWITCHER detects an empty keg, it will automatically tap into the backup keg.

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