Hospitality Industry Problems

Are you losing beer at your establishments?

Statistics have indicated that losses due to careless over-pours and unaccounted sales range anywhere from 5% up to 50% in the hospitality industry. The average amount is approximately 23%, which equates to nearly 1 out of 4 beers that go missing. Wait staff, bartenders, and managers may all be responsible for the losses.
Pie chart of unaccounted/accounted pours

Why are there so many unaccounted pours?

Due to the enormous amount of cash transactions in the hospitality industry, theft is an ever-present temptation. The lack of accountability in tracking draft beer provides an opportunity for employees to steal.

How does theft occur?

  • Bartenders and wait staff sell drinks without recording transactions in the POS.
  • Staff charge customers regular prices for drinks, ring those in as lower-priced specials, then pocket the difference and/or receive a bigger gratuity.
  • Employees reverse and void transactions.

What can the BeerSAVER system do for your business?

BeerSAVER has developed the best draft beer control system in the market. The system can monitor the volume of beer and other beverages dispensed from each tap and reconcile the sales rung in on the POS system in real time. Some of the features include:

  • Accurate and reliable monitoring, deterring theft and reducing losses.
  • Complete inventory management for multiple locations.
  • Reports, real-time alerts, and notifications.
  • Superior customer service.
The system provides information to help reduce losses and increase an operator's profits. It also acts as an inventory management system to assist in managing inventory more effectively. You can access all of this information anywhere in the world online. Whether you are in the restaurant, at the corporate office, or at home, you will have real-time access to information for your establishment.

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